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Create a new component:

rename your component

Check your File -> Settings, get the screen width.

Set the size.

Save your image to Assets library then insert it to component.

Add a label for Heading

Add a non customizable text

Insert label and add your text


To make it dynamic:

click on the component -> custom Properties -> add new custom property

Make the text property customizable

Find Your component

Add component to your form

Update custom text:

If(frmEdit.Mode=FormMode.New, “TBD”,DataCardStatusValue.Selected.Value)

 ItemStatus custom property to: SharePointIntegration.Selected.Status.Value

Link to Home screen:

1. add a home icon
2. add a custom property

3. Link it to the Icon

4. Use it, from the working screen, click on the component home link and pass the screen nane

Download components   from Git hub

1. Save the zip to your desktop then open the zip.

2. Start a new blank app in PowerApps.

3. Click Insert > Components > Import component > Browse for the .msapp file.