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Create a new component:

rename your component

Check your File -> Settings, get the screen width.

Set the size.

Save your image to Assets library then insert it to component.

Add a label for Heading

Add a non customizable text

Insert label and add your text


To make it dynamic:

click on the component -> custom Properties -> add new custom property

Make the text property customizable

Find Your component

Add component to your form

Update custom text:

If(frmEdit.Mode=FormMode.New, “TBD”,DataCardStatusValue.Selected.Value)

 ItemStatus custom property to: SharePointIntegration.Selected.Status.Value

Link to Home screen:

1. add a home icon
2. add a custom property

3. Link it to the Icon

4. Use it, from the working screen, click on the component home link and pass the screen nane