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Create a new Component Library

  1. Create a new Component Library
    (centralized repository of components for reusability by other apps)
  2. Import an existing Component previously downloaded and installed. It will import only the components not the preview screens. To copy the screens click on the screen Ctr + A, then go to the Component Library and create a new screen and paste, it takes a few seconds.

  3. Delete the Downloaded apps from the apps.
  4. You can import Local Components from your Existing Apps into the Component Library, in the same way,
  5. How to use the Component Library:
    Get more components.
  6. Import only the component you need:
    Import components.
  7. Components available inside the app (local components) are listed under the Custom category in the list of components in the Insert pane.
    Components available from imported component libraries are listed under the Library components category:
    Insert components to the app.