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Prevent Infinite Loop

tutorial from:

  1. In your list create new text column
    FlowModified” = default 2000-02-17T15:44:02.4692811Z
  2. In your flow when you update your item again set “FlowModified” = utcNow()
  3. last add a Flow trigger condition@not(lessOrEquals(ticks(triggerBody()?[‘Modified’]),ticks(addMinutes(triggerBody()?[‘FlowModified’], 1) )))

When Flow updates the item, we’ll expect “FlowModified to be either equal to “Modified or some milliseconds less (time taken for transaction to go from Flow to SharePoint).

Hence, a check like this (Modified <= FlowModified + 1 Minute) provides reasonable certainty that trigger is due to Flow.

Test it:

view the result: