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Tips – Forms


List Settings ->Advanced Settings-> List Experience -> New Experience.
List Settings ->Form Settings ( to delete a custom form or use InfoPath).

To use Enhanced Formula Bar -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Enhanced formula bar  Set to On

To make your Screen Responsive  Settings -> Screen size and Orientation -> Scale to fit: off -> Lock aspect ration: off


Add Subheading in your form

Change a field  DisplayMode by User:

If(User().Email = “”, Edit, View)

Set a color property for a label,

color = ColorValue(“#66CB32”) – set color one time
use it
other Label fill:
fill = ‘L_Kavasaki Green’.Color’ – use it in many places (update only color)

Show selected Item in Gallery:

add a rectangle to item and set to Visible=ThisItem.IsSelected


-show a dropdown value:
“Status: ” & StatusDropdownValue.Selected.Value


add a button outside a form.

Submit Button
onSelect = SubmitForm(Form1)

Cancel Button
Navigate(scrGallery, ScreenTransition.Cover)



Reset Button
Reset(Dropdown_Cities); Reset(Dropdown_States);

Refresh – for testing – Refresh(DataSourcename)

Check If Something Is True Or False

“If(CheckIfSomethingIsTrueOrFalse,    TrueDoThis

“If(CheckIfSomethingIsTrueOrFalse,    TrueDoThis,     FalseDoThis“)

CheckIfSomethingIsTrue,    TrueDoThis1,
CheckIfSomethingElseIsTrue,    TrueDoThis2,


Lower(User().Email) = Lower(“”) Or Lower(“”)

Set a Global var next to App

then use the varname everywhere, do not check on user many times.

visible a button if Lookup value in not blank (true)
!IsBlank(LookUp(SetCurrentUserAdmins, Title = varUserEmail).Title)

!IsBlank(LookUp(SetCurrentUserAdmins,Title=varUserEmail And Department=”Design”).Title)

Formatting Functions

Value() converts a string of text that contains number characters to a number value.
DateValueTimeValue, or DateTimeValue  – convert date and time values to a number value

Text() = Converts any value and formats a number or date/time value to a string of text
Text(Value(ThisItem.Revenue), “[$-en-US]$ #,###”)

If(IsBlank(ThisItem.’Gross Obligations’),”” ,”$”&Text(ThisItem.’Gross Obligations’, “[$-en-US]0.00”))

Date Time functions

Fix given date 2001,12,31

Click the dateValue and change the InputTextPlaceholder property from

If(IsBlank(Self.SelectedDate), Text(Date(2001,12,31), Self.Format, Self.Language))

If(IsBlank(Self.SelectedDate), Today())

show list items only the one that the user created

– set the text box visible = false

Navigate to Detail Screen

On Gallery screen

set the DataSource to the List

Set the onSelect = Set(record, ThisItem) or Select(Parent);Navigate(scrDetailEmail, ScreenTransition.Fade)

On Detail screen
set the DataSource to the List

set the Item to Selected Gallery Item
Item = GalleryForEmail.Selected

Check formMode

If(EditForm1.Mode=FormMode.Edit,”Edit Form”, “New Form”) 


Fix the Multi-line textbox ends up with <DIV> text in it
In the default property add: PlainText(Parent.Default)

on frmNew isVisible – Set(varNow, Now())
& “Now: ” & varNow

& “Today: ” & Today()
“TimeZone Offset in minutes: ” & TimeZoneOffset(Today())

“Now in UTC format: ” &  Text(Now(), UTC)

“Text ” & Text(Today(), DateTimeFormat.ShortDate) & ” – ” & Text(Now(), “[$-en-US]dd/mm/yyyy”)

add a link on form,
have a list item that is url, insert an “html text”, build your link
“<a href='” & DataCardValue5.Text & “‘> Link</a>”

Allow Empty Selection for dropdown list in a canvas app
Have the dropdown box selected -> advanced->Data ->AllowEmptySelection = true

Get Values from Input boxes:

Text =  DataCardValue.Text

Number from text :  Value(DataCardValue.Text)

Date =  TimeValue(DataCardValue.Selected.Value)

Date  =   Text(DataCardValue5.SelectedDate, “[$-en-US]d mmmm yyyy”)


Get Email from People picker field
‘by name’.Email,
“; ”

                 mail & ";"
             Office365Groups.ListGroupMembers("167cb604-XXX-44c1-XXX-e484dd766XXX", {'$top': 999}).value,                             // specify 999 for the '$top' attribute
             mail & ";" )
get the https://url/sites/site/_api/Web/SiteGroups/GetByID(13)/users

Format a column to make an edit link out of it.

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "a",
  "txtContent": "@currentField",
  "attributes": {
    "target": "_blank",
    "href": "='/sites/dev/DocumentsCollectFeedback/Forms/EditForm.aspx?ID=' + [$ID]"

Add an Icon:
1. add the first icon from insert -> Icons.
2.Click on the icon and from the Properties do a search for your icon.